Why Do I Podcast?

People ask that a lot. I’ve asked myself that a few times.

The honest truth: I thought it would help me sell books. (See…I wrote a novel, but I’ll let you check that out if you want to.)

That was how it started, anyway.

I’ve been podcasting almost 3 years now. And that answer has changed a lot since the start. Here’s the best I can answer.

I Podcast Because…

It’s how I make, and keep in touch with, friends. I just went to a concert, hung out by the bus after with the crew and cast, and sold a book to a woman who plays Aretha Franklin on stage.

So I guess you could say that at this point I podcast because it has introduced me to some great friends, writing and podcasting peers, and people in my community that I would’ve otherwise likely never had the chance to hang out with.

And in the middle of all that…

I’m Trying To Help You!

I was at an art market the other day. Not just any art market, mind you. This one was put on by

Little Space Studio (Grand Rapids)

which is a co-working space in Grand Rapids. Tasty goodies provided by the best death-themed coffee shop in not only Grand Rapids, Michigan, but the entire world, I dare say…

The Mortals Cafe!

Stop by The Mortals’ website. And check out the sweet sweet action on IG!

And while I was at this market, I talked to several vendors/artists and my podcast came up. (I don’t go in pitching it to everyone like I do here.) The younger/less experienced ones kept saying, “I wish I knew where I could find free advice on how to do __________…” which is how my show came up, most of the time.

My show is that show. I talk to people who do cool sh*t, find out how they got into it, what they do with it now, but–most importantly–how the do what they do.

The podcast is part:

  • fun conversation loosely tethered to the ideas of creativity and the creative process
  • how-to/DIY
  • artist highlight/introspective
  • artistic advice
  • entrepreneurial advice
  • sound effect enhanced storytelling and original music


Give CREATIVE OPS a Listen, Why Don’t-cha?

Ep.96 | ZERO – Reigning Beat Battle Champion (Woo!!!) Creative Ops

ZERO is a fantastic beat producer in Grand Rapids, MI. His energetic performances are mesmerizing. I liken watching him play his drum machine to watching Stevie Wonder play the piano. Those performances, coupled with award winning music, are a can't-miss. Follow ZERO on his Instagram @zerodgaf to keep up with what's going on and to see some examples of his performing and musical abilities. He's on Twitter and Facebook as well, if you're not into the whole Instagram thing. . . . Thanks for listening. Check out more show stuff, listen to some original music, and take a gander at my time travel novel at http://www.christophertallon.com. Follow me on IG, FB, Twitter, & TT: @tallonwrites . . . Shout outs to Dante Cope, Wuzee, Beatrat, and DJ Phazer.
  1. Ep.96 | ZERO – Reigning Beat Battle Champion (Woo!!!)
  2. What to Expect at the Pharmhouse Wellness Birthday Bash!
  3. Ep.95 | Jody J Sperling – Author of ”THE 9 LIVES OF MARVA DELONGHI” & Host of TRBM
  4. Ep.94 | David Hayward (aka The Naked Pastor)
  5. Ep.93b | Mike Salt -horror author & neat fella
  6. Ep.93 | Mike Salt, horror author and cool dude
  7. Ep.92 | Inside the Box, But off the Wall (Science-Backed Ways to Boost Creativity)
  8. Ep.91 | Jason Demmon: music, creativity, cancer, & cannabis
  9. 2022 Wrap-Up & Updates (And a New Song!)
  10. Ep.90 | Marcel ”Fable” Price – A Shameful Showing from the Kent County Commissioners Board

Click here for ALL the episodes.

Click here for more info about my book. I’d really like it if you did…


Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

Well, I’m that kid in the corner / All f**ked up and I wanna so I’m gonna

Take a piece of the pie, why not, I’m not quittin’ / Think Ima change up my style just to fit in

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