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Most Downloaded of All-Time

The 10 most downloaded episodes of my 3 year old podcast. Enjoy. (I’m not asking, I’m telling.)

10 Most Recent Episodes

christopher tallon, author of Switchers, and host of Creative Ops

Check out the latest run of podcast episodes. I must say…they kick ass.

ZERO (aka The Beat Battle Champion…Woo!!!)

ZERO, Grand Rapids' best beat producer

ZERO is the best beat producer in Grand Rapids. So says the folks at the beat battle. See what kind of guy he is, what his process is like, and how he got into music in the first place.

Creative Ops | Ep.96 | everywhere there’s podcasts

When Art & Religion Collide…

Howdy-do, buckaroos. Most recently on the most rockinest podcast you know, I talked to David Hayward, better known on social media as The Naked Pastor. Here’s his most recent comic post on IG as of the time of my writing this: So you can… Continue Reading “When Art & Religion Collide…”

Creative Ops: Writer Interviews

Writers and poets. Interviewed. By me. WOO!!!