About CT

Christopher Tallon is a recovering middle school English teacher. He lives with his wife and kids in West Michigan. Aside from writing, he enjoys playing guitar, watching soccer, and laughing at his own jokes.

Fun Facts

I once snuck backstage at a Parliament Funkadelic concert and got to hang out with George Clinton and John Popper (of Blues Traveler).

My right leg is almost 3/4″ shorter than my left.

I ran a half marathon and completed two triathlons. (Not back-to-back-to-back.)

I once spotted and followed Conan O’Brien for two blocks in NYC. (Sorry for freaking you out, Conan.)

My favorite number is 5. No contest.

I’ve gone 5 days without anything but water. Twice.

I use hemp milk in my coffee.

I’m bald now, but once upon a time I had a glorious white-boy fro. Now I grow my hair on the other side of my head.

You’re still reading this?!? OK.

I met my wife when we were 13, and immediately told all my friends and my parents that I was going to marry her someday.

I have 4 kids. Most of them are pretty cool, and I love all of them more than anything.