Contact CT

Use this info to contact me if:

  • You want me to be on your podcast, YouTube show, or whatever. I’m game.
  • You want me to host a writing workshop, or some such madness. I miss teaching…
  • You want me to for an event (live or digital). I’ll speak, answer questions, and/or park cars.

You have several options, kiddo. Choose wisely…

Option A: Email Me

Use the email link–or type in []–and CLEARLY STATE THE TOPIC IN THE SUBJECT LINE, please. (I get some weird spam sometimes…)

Option B: Snail Mail Me

LSS c/o Christopher Tallon

111 S. Division

Grand Rapids, MI, 49503

Send any kind of mail, fan art, cool buttons, pins, stickers, your art, or whatever type of things you can legally send and receive in the mail (or that someone (ie Me) would want to receive (I guess trust your judgment…)).

Option C: Come to an Event I’m At

Check my EVERYWHERE BUT BOOKSTORES TOUR page to see where I be.


I highly recommend this option; it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I post funny IG/FB stories most days. Tell you what I’m up to when the situation calls for it. Inform you of new podcast droppings (hehe) on your favorite podcast for creative people, Creative Ops.

If you’re on social media, get social and holla at me.

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