#1 Amazing Writing

Writing, eh?

Welcome to the spot where I keep all my storytelling stuff. You’ve probably already heard me talk about my book, but I’ve got a short story here that I wrote for my boys as a Christmas present. I also talk about my crazy, weird book tour and the ironic way it ended. You can hear me make up a story on the fly on a podcast, and finally I have song lyrics that I converted to a poem.

Writing: Novel

It’s a horror/dystopian/scifi adventure about teens from the 1990s who get into a time travel war against their adult selves.

Writing: Short Story

This is a story about a machine that whispers to a man and his children, filling their heads with stories that must be shared.

Writing: Lyrics/Poem

As I said earlier, I started writing poems and songs when I was young. I never stopped. I wrote this song when I was in Iraq. It’s about a girl barely knew when I was 18 or 19. She was a heroin addict. I had one conversation with her and it inspired this song/poem.

Writing: A Reflection on My Book Tour

I went on a book tour in all kinds of places. Except book stores. Or so it sounds…

Storytelling: Making up a Story…Live

This is from TRBM, the same podcast I made the theme music for. It’s hosted by Jody J. Sperling, a fine author in his own write. He gave me a story prompt and I just went with it. It was nerve wracking, but also very fun. I think it’s important to do things that intimidate us. Except picking fights with big strong dudes. That’s not a good idea.

For more, follow my blog. I give updates on the podcast, my book(s), new music, and things & other stuff.

Christopher Tallon at his writing desk. The cup in this picture broke and it really upset Tallon.

Wanna hear a funny story about this picture? This picture is super staged. That’s my living room. I don’t even write in there, really. That desk is my work desk, but we moved it into the living room because it looked better. See, this picture was for a magazine interview. So I was like, “I need to look super writer-y.” I don’t actually use the typewriter. I have, but I appreciate technology and writing by hand too much to go full on typewriter. I know a guy who does everything on a typewriter. Not this guy.

Oh, and that coffee cup…it broke. I was so sad. One of my kids did it. They felt so bad I couldn’t be angry. But I miss that cup to this day. The bottom was cork. I don’t know what it was about it, but that was my favorite mug ever. It was free from my dentist, but I already broke the first one and asked for a second. I’d feel weird asking for a third.

No, you know what? I’m going to go back to my dentist and ask for a new mug. Why not, right? They could always say no. But why would they? They make enough money to buy 50 of those every time I come in for a checkup, right?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why is this dude going off on this nonsense?”

Honestly? Because search engine optimization, or SEO, thinks having 600 words on this page will make search engines like it better. Weird right? I don’t know why or how, but I’m going ahead and making sure I get all 600 words. There.

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