Switchers (Novel)

On the first day of summer, 1996, a group of high-school-bound teenagers find themselves in the middle of a military invasion. As bombs fall from the sky, Kurt, his friends, and a few unlikely travel companions, discover the invaders are actually time travelers from a not-too-distant future, where of a parasitic “zombie” fungus outbreak threatens to end humanity. The invaders, called switchers, time travel by using a device that allows them to switch bodies with the versions of themselves from the past. Kurt and his friends go on a journey of both distance and time, figuring out who to trust, what to think of the people they become, and how, if possible, to make it home before it’s too late.

Reader Reactions

“The kind of book you don’t want to put down until it’s done. Christopher Tallon really raises the bar on sci-fi story telling and keeps you guessing till the end. Well done!”

–Mike D.

“This story is so much fun! I like to think of whether I can see a book being turned into a movie or not (because that’s how so many great movies are made nowadays), and I could picture this in that medium every step of the way! What a cool idea, and the execution of each turn in the story was spot on! Loved it!”

–JoAnn C.

“A battle between the future and the present entangle the unsuspecting lives of a group of young friends and drives them into a fight for their lives…and their future. [Switchers] keeps the reader guessing, draws the reader into the story, and leaves them on the edge of their seat all the way up to the climatic, breathe-taking conclusion. Switchers is a must read…”

–Nate W.

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