Creative Ops (Podcast)

A podcast for creativity enthusiasts

Creative Ops is podcast is for creative people. You don’t have to be a painter, or a musician, or any kind of artist. Are you a creativity enthusiast? Then this is your show!

Join me, Christopher Tallon (writer by trade), as I talk to creatives across the spectrum of art, culture, and business about what they do, why and how they do it, and whatever else comes up in conversation. No scripts. No “type” of guest. No “target audience” or “key demographics” I’m aiming at. Just real conversations about what’s at the heart of a creative’s creativity, and what the creative process looks like.

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Creative Ops | Ep.32 | Creativity 101 w/ Professor Tallon Creative Ops

I want YOU to be creative. This episode breaks down creativity. Listen, be informed and inspired, and go out and make cool shit! The world deserves your gifts. . . . Then holla at me on Instagram and tell me all about it! Please check out the website and blog, and you can say hi on FB and Twitter, too! . . . And PLEEEEASE…if you haven't yet, rate and review the show on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get the show. It really really really helps out. Or give me money. Yeah, that's what I thought…
  1. Creative Ops | Ep.32 | Creativity 101 w/ Professor Tallon
  2. Creative Ops | Ep.31 | Liz Della Croce (The Lemon Bowl) talks food, business, blogging, old-school online dating, enneagrams and MORE!
  3. Creative Ops | Ep.30 | Trophy Husbands – A Casual Conversation between the Super Friends, Kirk Ross and Christopher Tallon
  4. Creative Ops | Ep.29 | Chanel Ali – Comedian with the Best Comedy Album of 2020 (NPR)
  5. Creative Ops | Ep.28 | Origins of our Theme Song & Show Updates
  6. Creative Ops | Ep.27 | Pedro "The Roadie" Rodriguez – Roadie Life, Art, Music, & Collaboration
  7. Creative Ops | Ep.26 | Christopher Tallon – Excuses, Apologies, Updates, and a Live Performance
  8. Creative Ops | Ep.25 | Jonathan Wayne Freeman – Professionally Silly on Instagram
  9. Creative Ops | Ep.24 | Kyd Kane, Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, MI
  10. Creative Ops | Ep.23 | Vincent Mcintosh, owner of IRIE Kitchen, talks cooking, education, business, being first-generation, and more!

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