Creative Ops (Podcast)

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Are you intrigued by creative people? Wonder how they do what they do? Then this is your show!

Creative Ops is podcast is for creative people, with all original music.

Join me (Christopher Tallon – writer/podcaster) as I talk to creatives across the spectrum of art, culture, and business about what they do, why and how they do it, and whatever else comes up in an unscripted, long form conversation centered on creativity.

No scripts. No “type” of guest. No “target audience” or “key demographics.” Just real conversations about what’s at the heart of a creative’s creativity, and what their creative process looks like.

Ep.88 | The End of Creative Ops(?) – w/ commentary by his holiness, Kirk Ross Creative Ops

Welp, This might be the end of the line for Creative Ops, folks. Listen to find out what's happening, then have a say in this big change on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what YOU think about all this… . . . Shout out to the inimitable Kirk Ross, from the one and only A TALK IN THE ATTIC,  for letting me know what he thinks of my little ordeal and sharing a little bit of what's going on over at Creative Ops brother-podcast on the opposite end of town. The TROPHY HUSBANDS shall return…
  1. Ep.88 | The End of Creative Ops(?) – w/ commentary by his holiness, Kirk Ross
  2. Ep.87 | Brennen Matthews – Author of ”Miles to Go: An African Family in Search of America Along Route 66”
  3. Ep.86 | Josh Adams is funny as f–k!
  4. Ep.85 | Andrea Shaner – How to Be on TV!
  5. Ep.84 | Brandon Dante Copeland does EVERYTHING!
  6. Ep.83 | Pedro ”The Roadie” Rodriguez is BACK ON THE ROAD!!!
  7. Ep. 82 | Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market
  8. Ep.81 | Jacqueline Gray Miller – Writer, Producer, & Creative Chameleon (So Many Things…)
  9. Ep.80 | Jody Sperling & Kenny MacKay – Networking & Marketing
  10. Ep.79 | DIY Growing Your Soul via CrEaTiViTy

Head over to the Creative Ops podbean site for all the episodes, show notes, and download links.

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