Creative Ops (Podcast)

A podcast for creativity enthusiasts

Creative Ops is podcast is for creative people. You don’t have to be a painter, or a musician, or any kind of artist. Are you a creativity enthusiast? Then this is your show!

Join me, Christopher Tallon (writer by trade), as I talk to creatives across the spectrum of art, culture, and business about what they do, why and how they do it, and whatever else comes up in conversation. No scripts. No “type” of guest. No “target audience” or “key demographics” I’m aiming at. Just real conversations about what’s at the heart of a creative’s creativity, and what the creative process looks like.

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Creative Ops | Ep.23 | Vincent Mcintosh, owner of IRIE Kitchen, talks cooking, education, business, being first-generation, and more! Creative Ops

As a young child of Jamaican immigrant parents, Vincent Mcintosh dreamed of being a businessman, owning 250 restaurants, and living life on his terms. Now in his mid-20s, he joined Creative Ops–online from the restaurant–to talk about his path on that journey. At 17 he dropped out college to pursue entrepreneurship full time. At 19 he founded IRIE Kitchen (organic, Caribbean street food) restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not only is it the first fully-organic restaurant in the area, Vince is also the youngest restauranteur in Grand Rapids history! In 2019 he co-founded Irie Lemon, a media company with Liz (The Lemon Bowl) every week the give us tips on entrepreneurship and how to build the life you want. Together, they co-host Passion to Profit Podcast. … Shout out to Baby Farm Soaps, River Town Adventures, Hey Guys Media, and IRIE's social media genius, Corinne Bass (on IG @corinnesconnections)! … Thanks as always. -CT
  1. Creative Ops | Ep.23 | Vincent Mcintosh, owner of IRIE Kitchen, talks cooking, education, business, being first-generation, and more!
  2. Creative Ops | Ep. 22 | Jennifer Soucy (Again!) – Horror, Books & Movies, Writing & Publishing, and Friend Talk
  3. Creative Ops | Ep.21 | Randi Ford – Art, Entrepreneurship, & Flow
  4. Creative Ops | Ep.20 | Jake Bryan – HEARTSICK Drummer & Music Lover
  5. Creative Ops | Ep.19 | Peter Taras – Surf Photographer, Storyteller, Wine Reviewer, & Fun Dude
  6. Creative Ops | Ep.18 | Mike "Auggie" Augustine – Escape Rooms, Games, & Experiential Design
  7. Creative Ops | Ep.17 | Jeff Hull of Nonchalance – Participatory Arts & Situational Design
  8. Creative Ops | Ep.16 | Nate Williams – Entrepreneur, Kayak Guide, Travel Gigger, and CaRV (car-VEE) Enthusiast
  9. Creative Ops | Ep.15 | Drunken Podcasting w/ Justin D'Autremont – Host of Drunk Conspiracies Podcast
  10. Creative Ops | Ep.14 | 2020 Performance Review: Year One Reflections w/ Jason Tieri

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