Creative Ops (Podcast)

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Are you intrigued by creative people? Wonder how they do what they do? Then this is your show!

Creative Ops is podcast is for creative people.

Join me (Christopher Tallon – writer/musician/podcaster) as I talk to creatives across the spectrum of art, culture, and business about what they do, why and how they do it, and whatever else comes up in an unscripted, long form conversation centered on creativity.

No scripts. No “type” of guest. No “target audience” or “key demographics.” Just real conversations about what’s at the heart of a creative’s creativity, and what their creative process looks like.

Creative Ops | Ep.47 | ”Cannabis & Creativity” and ”Our Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes” Creative Ops

Check out and check out the blog for the Creativity and Cannabis blog post, as well as the post with the top 10 most downloaded for a complete review, links, and all that shnazzy jazz. POST LINKS: Cannabis & Creativity Top 10 Shows  
  1. Creative Ops | Ep.47 | ”Cannabis & Creativity” and ”Our Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes”
  2. Creative Ops | Ep.46 | Marcel ”Fable” Price – Creatively Affecting Change
  3. Creative Ops | Ep.45 | A Beginner‘s Guide to Self-Publishing w/ Joshua Marsella
  4. Creative Ops | Ep.44 | Kirk Ross – Host of A TALK IN THE ATTIC
  5. Solo Ops | Ep43 | Where have I been? Where are the ads? Where‘s my audience? What‘s going on?!?!
  6. Creative Ops | Ep42 | Alexis Flakes – Host, Producer, Editor, CREATIVE!
  7. Creative Ops | Ep41 | Christopher Tallon: Imposter or Bad Motherf**ker?
  8. Creative Ops | Ep40 | Joe Bockheim – vocals/guitar for The Legal Immigrants
  9. Creative Ops | Ep.39 | SOLO: Cops, Tickets, and F*cked Up Audio (PLUS a Bonus Musical Track!)
  10. Creative Ops | Ep.38 | Joshua Marsella – Author of ”Scratches” and ”Severed”

Head over to the Creative Ops podbean site for all the episodes, show notes, and download links.

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