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Are you intrigued by creative people? Wonder how they do what they do? Then this is your show!

Creative Ops is podcast is for creative people, with all original music.

Join me (Christopher Tallon – writer/podcaster) as I talk to creatives across the spectrum of art, culture, and business about what they do, why and how they do it, and whatever else comes up in an unscripted, long form conversation centered on creativity.

No scripts. No “type” of guest. No “target audience” or “key demographics.” Just real conversations about what’s at the heart of a creative’s creativity, and what their creative process looks like.

Ep.67 | The Return of the Hosts of Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered (Kinda…(You’ll See What I Mean.)) Creative Ops

Jason Tieri returns for the second time to represent Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. His co-host, Mike Van Drie, is on the show for the first time. (He wasn't on the show yet the first time. (We get into all that. (Do these parentheses seem weird? (It's only weird if you make it weird…)))) We talk about the change in the hosting lineup, learn things about Mike that Jason didn't know, talk about what it's like discussing deeply personal things "publicly", how a podcast develops over time, having to poop while running, coming up with good titles for podcast episodes, and more. Go to and, as per the guys' recommendations, start listening to Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered with episodes #167 and #171–if you haven't already been listening. .   .   . And please go to to find out more about my novel, this podcast, and…other stuff. On all social media platforms: @tallonwrites
  1. Ep.67 | The Return of the Hosts of Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered (Kinda…(You’ll See What I Mean.))
  2. Ep.66 | A Brief History of (Some of) the Creative Parts of Our Patriotic Culture
  3. Ep.65 | Jody Sperling – Writer & Host of Cre8 Collabor8
  4. Ep.64 | 10 Signs You’re a Creative Person
  5. Ep. 63 | Derek Mohr – Developer, Designer, Artist, & Good Dude
  6. Ep.62 | Recovering from Spring Break…
  7. Ep.61 | How My Book Came to Be (And How to Pre-Order It)
  8. Ep.60 | The FAMOUS Ashley Grant – Blogger Life, Podcasting, & the Quest for Internet Fame
  9. Ep.59 | My ”Celebrity” Status & Updates on My Book (Read It NOW!)
  10. Ep.58 | Shatawn Brigham – Owner of GR Noir Wine & Jazz

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