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Christopher Tallon, musician specializing in making custom music for podcasters and YouTubers.

Christopher Tallon, Podcast Musician

I’ve been playing music since the 1900s. Started on the cello when I was in the fifth grade. The next year I switched to percussion. Soon after, I started playing drums in bands all through middle school and into high school. Towards the end of my teen years I picked up guitar. Now, many years later, I can play a handful instruments. I use these skills to help people with their creative pursuits.

Here are a few projects I’ve done for other people, followed by some of the stuff I use for my podcast.

Theme Music

I made the song for TRBM, which stands for The Reluctant Book Marketer, a podcast for authors who are trying to get their books into more readers hands. This fun little song is the theme music for the show:

I made the song for the upcoming web series Black Don’t Crack. I was asked to make “something that has a Mr. Rogers theme song meets Will Smith. This was the result and I was pretty happy with it, considering I don’t play piano and had to individually chart each piano note by hand:

“Trippy Slow” is one I made by request for an episode of A Talk In The Attic, in which people do drugs and go to a music festival:

This song is for The Gig Economy Podcast. They asked for a little over a minute long that really rocked. The first demo I sent them didn’t rock enough, so I sent them this and they loved it:

Original Music (Creative Ops)


Theme/Intro Song for Creative Ops. That’s my voice, I swear. I adjusted the sound of it.

“Break” is a song I made for my wife and promised not to sell to anyone, haha. So I use it on my show. It’s a nice relaxing song, don’t you think?

“Lo-Fi Childhood” is an old guitar riff that I decided to turn into a lofi song:

“Fun Song” is exactly that. I made it in a very short amount of time:

“Wibblie” sounds to me like it could be a Chris Stapleton riff. Whatcha think?

“Easy Step Down” is a fun one to play. Takes some pinky strength, believe it or not.

“Hoopty” is a fun guitar laced hip hop beat.

“Little Jazz Number” is the most aptly named song on this page.

“Oddly Normal” makes me want to dance weird in the kitchen.

“Off to a Shaky Start” has something like 4 guitar tracks all going at once.

“Something Or Other” sounds like it came from a horror video game soundtrack.

“Thick Gravy” is a weird song. I made it very very quickly.

“Whozeewhatsit” sounds like something you might hear on NPR on the weekend in between programming.

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