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Hi. I’m a writer, guitar tinkerer, and podcaster. Here you’ll find my blog, which is equal parts random thoughts and writing advice; info about my show Creative Ops–a podcast by creative people, for creative people; my science-fiction adventure novel, Switchers; and fun ways to waste time on the internet.

I hope you find the page useful, or at least entertaining. I’d love to hear from you, but I only have one rule: if you’re going to be mean, at least be funny.


Creative Ops (Podcast)

A podcast celebrating creativity and creative people, hosted by me, Christopher Tallon!

I love being creative. Playing guitar, singing, taking pictures, writing, drawing, tending the website, making a podcast.

Creative Ops is podcast is for creative people. Period. Whether you use creativity in your personal life, professional life, or both, this podcast is for you. Together we’ll learn about creative people–who they are, where they came from, what inspires them, how they come up with and see their ideas through.

Get ready to be entertained, informed, and inspired.

Regardless how you express your creativity, you can always learn something new by examining creative processes of others.

Check out the Creative Ops website.

Here’s the trailer.

We’ve got a few weeks worth of interesting guests booked. The first episode should drop sometime in February. Stay tuned for more news!

Switchers (Novel)


On the first day of summer, 1996, a group of high-school-bound teenagers find themselves in the middle of a military invasion. As bombs fall from the sky, Kurt, his friends, and a few unlikely travel companions, discover the invaders are actually time travelers from a not-too-distant future, where of a parasitic “zombie” fungus outbreak threatens to end humanity. The invaders, called switchers, time travel by using a device that allows them to switch bodies with the versions of themselves from the past. Kurt and his friends go on a journey of both distance and time, figuring out who to trust, what to think of the people they become, and how, if possible, to make it home before it’s too late.

Reader Reactions

“The kind of book you don’t want to put down until it’s done. Christopher Tallon really raises the bar on sci-fi story telling and keeps you guessing till the end. Well done!”

–Mike D.

“This story is so much fun! I like to think of whether I can see a book being turned into a movie or not (because that’s how so many great movies are made nowadays), and I could picture this in that medium every step of the way! What a cool idea, and the execution of each turn in the story was spot on! Loved it!”

–JoAnn C.

“A battle between the future and the present entangle the unsuspecting lives of a group of young friends and drives them into a fight for their lives…and their future. [Switchers] keeps the reader guessing, draws the reader into the story, and leaves them on the edge of their seat all the way up to the climatic, breathe-taking conclusion. Switchers is a must read…”

–Nate W.


About CT

Christopher Tallon is a recovering middle school English teacher. He lives with his wife and kids in West Michigan. Aside from writing, he enjoys playing guitar, watching soccer, and laughing at his own jokes.

Fun Facts

I once snuck backstage at a Parliament Funkadelic and got to hang out with George Clinton and John Popper.

My right leg is almost 3/4″ shorter than my left.

I ran a half marathon and completed two triathlons. (Not back-to-back-to-back.)

I once followed Conan O’Brien for two blocks in NYC. (Sorry for freaking you out, Conan.)

My favorite number is 5. No contest.

I’ve gone 5 days without anything but water. Twice.

I use hemp milk in my coffee.

You’re still reading this!


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Random Fun

These are a few sites I’ve found to be fun. You can click the titles or the pictures.


I love learning stuff like that

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Short. Witty. Cool Voice. (In a literal and literary sense. (See if that makes any sense. (Parenthesis!!!)))

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