Switchers (Signed Paperback)


SWITCHERS (Autographed copy)

Teens in 1996 get pulled into a time travel war against their adult selves.

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Switchers (Signed Paperback

Cover of Switchers by Christopher TallonIt started on the last day of school, in a…version of 1996 most of us don’t remember. Kurt and his friends Andy, Birdie, and Dylan are starting summer break by an abandoned farmhouse behind a 7-Eleven. A run in with some bullies ends the night in terror for everyone involved.

The next morning, Kurt wakes up to complete chaos in what is the beginning of a journey of both distance and time no one could have imagined. Kurt and his friends time travel, switching bodies with their adult selves in the process, learning about each other, figuring out who they can trust, and hoping they find a way home before they get stuck in a future with little hope of survival.


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