Story Time: “Do Scorpions Have Tallons?”

One-Take, Real-Time Storytelling on a Podcast

Jody Sperling hosts TRBM, and I wrote the music for it!

Yeah, you heard me. I, Christopher Tallon, have branched out into pimping my musical talents to other podcasters.

But more importantly than that, I went on the podcast and had a great time. Despite the nerves.

Story Telling Podcast: How It Works

I picked a story prompt from Jody’s Twitter and told a story, in real-time, on his podcast. It was HORRIFYING. But I enjoy going out of my comfort zone. Especially if it’s with people I trust. So…

After the story ends, Jody and I go through my process of telling/writing a story, and discuss the art/science/craft of storytelling. We talk a little about my book, Switchers. We talk a little about what I’m currently working on and my optimistic (approximate) release date.

Listen to My Episode of the Story Telling Podcast, TRBM

Do Scorpions Have Tallons? TRBM

Christopher Tallon, the musician behind my updated podcast music, one of my rotating cohosts for 2023, is in the guest chair today to tell his story.Thanks for listening to TRBM! Subscribe to receive new episodes and stimulate your brain.Something is moving your plates…is it a ghost? Are you losing your mind?And so begins a story of grief, sadness and scorpions. Christopher Tallon hangs a framework of a military vet who retreats to a remote Tennessee cabin for some self-care, but no sooner than he arrives does he find his environment disturbed.It’s a heartbreaking story that culminates when the veteran recalls the moment of his death. I spent hours afterward wondering if there are men and women who gave their life for their country and their spirit wanders the land wondering if it was all worth the sacrifice, if they gave too much.I don’t know about you, but I think Christopher has a hell of a knack for storytelling. And you need to get his novel, Switchers. Check out his website. Follow him everywhere.*If you listen carefully, you’ll catch me dropping the f-bomb in this episode. I have no issue with strong language, but I do try to keep this show clean. Please know the language is a rare occurrence. Forgive me. Get full access to TRBM at

So if you heard or read in the description, I’ll be a regular on TRBM. Sort of a rotating cohost, if you will. But I’ll keep doing Creative Ops. So look for more of those. I’ll start rolling out some new ones in about two weeks from the time of this posting.

Take care, peeps.


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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

You put your whole self in / And you shake it all about

You do the hokey-pokey /And you turn yourself around / That’s what it’s all about

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