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Time to Catch Up (Suggested Episodes)

A few Creative Ops fan faves, and also some of my guest spots on other pods. Something to listen to while the show takes a short recess.

Podcasting 101 – w/ the Podmaster, Jason Tieri

podcasting how to with jason tieri

Jason Tieri, podcaster and podcast producer, talks all things podcast related.

“I read it, like, 3 times already now…”

christopher tallon switchers

I wrote a book. I want people to at least know about it, so here…

What to Expect at the Pharmhouse Wellness Birthday Bash!

Pharmhouse Wellness turns 3 on March 18. They celebrate buy having a kickass party with vendors, freebies, giveaways, music, food, and ME!!!

Original Music

I make music. No, seriously. Some of it isn’t bad, even.