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Story Time: “Do Scorpions Have Tallons?”

I was on a storytelling podcast. I told a story and discussed the art of storytelling. It was fun!

Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2022

The most downloaded episodes of 2022. The most downloads by states and countries, too.

Community-Driven Art

Mallory Shotwell was on Creative Ops to talk about Cultivate, a team composed of “40+ professional artists, established curators, certified and trained teachers, and industry experts” who are “…passionate. Dedicated. Community serving.” And they just acquired a new space in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to… Continue Reading “Community-Driven Art”

3 Hilarious Comedians You Gotta Hear!

All the funny ass people who’ve been on CREATIVE OPS so far.

Creative Direction from Creative People

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people to talk about their creative roots and process

All the guests, broken down by creative category, AND a place to listen to as many as you want, all in one cozy, convenient spot?!?
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