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All My Appearances on A TALK IN THE ATTIC

a talk in the attic

I’ve been on 3 episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC. Listen or watch here!

Ep. 50 | Christopher Daradics – Linguistics, Immersive Technology, Education, & Creative Healing Christopher Daradics works at the University of Oregon’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies – CASLS (check that out for free language learning tools!) He’s also a part of Resonance Building, a healing and arts collective. Check out their upcoming online workshop “The… Continue Reading “Ep. 50 | Christopher Daradics – Linguistics, Immersive Technology, Education, & Creative Healing”

Revised Top Ten

Hey folks, Three posts I put out recently have had a slight impact on stat rankings: Creative Ops Top Ten Most Downloaded Episodes; a complete Guest Breakdown by creative type (ie comedians, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc…); and The Seven Longest Episodes. After a few weeks… Continue Reading “Revised Top Ten”

A Statistical 1st for Creative Ops

Where are the downloads coming from? I was surprised too!

How to Raise a Creative Genius with Special Guest…MY MOM! (First show of 2022!)

My mother goes over the ups and downs and downs and downs of raising a difficult child (who turned out to be a genius…)