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Time to Catch Up (Suggested Episodes)

A few Creative Ops fan faves, and also some of my guest spots on other pods. Something to listen to while the show takes a short recess.

Most Downloaded of All-Time

The 10 most downloaded episodes of my 3 year old podcast. Enjoy. (I’m not asking, I’m telling.)

Ep.98 | Abbey Hunter – Death & Coffee Abbey Hunter is the owner of The Mortals Cafe + Confection in Grand Rapids, MI. They serve Vietnamese coffee drinks (as well as popular American coffee drinks) with an overall theme of death. They host grief groups, death talks, as well as a… Continue Reading “Ep.98 | Abbey Hunter – Death & Coffee”

Insights on Creativity from the Reigning Beat Battle Champion

ZERO, Grand Rapids' best beat producer

ZERO is the beat battle champ and he talked about his creative journey on my podcast. Check it out.

Podcasting 101 – w/ the Podmaster, Jason Tieri

podcasting how to with jason tieri

Jason Tieri, podcaster and podcast producer, talks all things podcast related.