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How Does One Put Together an International Mural Festival? Easy!!!

Woo! I loved this episode. I sat down with Clay McAndrews to talk about the Bright Walls Mural Festival, which he founded and co-directs in his hometown of Jackson, Michigan. So far, Bright Walls has brought artists from all over the world to Jackson,… Continue Reading “How Does One Put Together an International Mural Festival? Easy!!!”

Creative Ops | Ep.11 | Mike Breymann – Visual Effects Artist, Software Developer, Freelancer

Mike Breymann discusses creativity and story telling from a visual arts perspective.

Creative Ops | Ep.10 | RN Double Feature

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people.

Meaghan and Rachel are nurses in the Grand Rapids area. They sat down in-studio with Chris and Jason to talk about the intricacies of nursing, pre- and post-COVID.

Creative Ops | Ep.9 | Zach Snyder – Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator

Zach Snyder joined me to talk about art, creativity, style, and his process.

The Unexpected Consequences of Dream Chasing

Chase your dream. Don’t wait. Do it now, and enjoy ALL the unexpected consequences that come along with the pursuit!