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When Art & Religion Collide…

Howdy-do, buckaroos. Most recently on the most rockinest podcast you know, I talked to David Hayward, better known on social media as The Naked Pastor. Here’s his most recent comic post on IG as of the time of my writing this: So you can… Continue Reading “When Art & Religion Collide…”

Creative Ops: Writer Interviews

Writers and poets. Interviewed. By me. WOO!!!

Mike Salt, horror author and cool dude

Mike Salt as a guest on Creative Ops

Check out me and my friend Mike Salt talk about books and writing and social media and marketing and generally talkin shit.


Tourist Trapped by JB Velasquez

PLEEEEEASE look at this book. Dude’s super cool and wrote a banger!

DEBUT AUTHOR: J. B. Velasquez presents “Tourist Trapped”

Tourist Trapped by JB Velasquez

Very cool book by a very cool debut author!