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Hello everyone! I, Christopher Tallon, am excited to talk to you again. I missed you last week. I had sick kids and all the other shit I usually do. You know how it is. Wasn’t gonna leave ya hanging two weeks in a row. This time I’m back with a some cool stuff but I’d especially like to highlight Brandon Scott. He’s a great writer and he was very encouraging to me when I was still working on publishing my first book, Switchers. So please, please, take a look at Brandon Scott’s books.

Now…get ready for the most badassest blog you’ve ever friggin seen, homie!

  1. A Good Thing
  2. Indie Author/Book Spotlight: Brandon Scott’s Vodou Series
  3. Random Thought: Homework Is Dumb
  4. Updates
    1. Switchers Updates
    2. Writing Updates
    3. Music Updates (Trophy Husbands)
  5. Upcoming Stuff
    1. Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI

A Good Thing

The KDL (Kent District Library)–of which I am a member AND they have three copies of my book, Switchers, in circulation–has a new thing out where you can listen to local music through the library. It’s a cool program, but they did an even cooler (if that’s possible) promo for it on Instagram:

Indie Author/Book Spotlight: Brandon Scott’s Vodou Series

Brandon Scott is a cool dude with a pleasant North Carolina mountain accent. When someone comes to my booth and says “I really like Neil Gaiman,” I say, “Well, buckle the f**k up, junior; I know just the guy for you!”

These books follow different characters, so going from one to the next feels like a wholly different story. And to some extent it is, but they all come together in the end. It’s a fun, fast paced, character driven, scary, exciting look into the world of vodou, magic, Vegas casinos, and more. Great writing and a great story.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Random Thought: Homework Is Dumb

Kids shouldn’t have to do homework. I think it’s dumb that elementary students should ever have to say, “I can’t play right now, I have homework.” To hell with that. If there’s not time to do it in school today, save it for tomorrow. What’s the friggin rush? To cram in as much shit as possible before the next standardized test?



Switchers Updates

My book is now going to be sold at Cocoon Art Space in downtown Grand Rapids!

327 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Go there if you’re in town! It’s a super cool shop with rotating themes and stocked by great local creatives. Including the couple who owns the place. Very nice folks.

Writing Updates

I have the first half of my new book printed out in manuscript form. (One sided pages, double spaced, like how we did it back in school.) I’m going through and editing that. Then I’ll finish the second half and go back to editing it again. Plans are still for end of May/beginning of June release.

The story is about a young woman who works as an EMT. Her family is split up by a cult leader and she has to use her paranormal powers to bring them back together and bring down a rural cult. Should be fun. There’s a grim reaper type dude, dead people, astral projection. It’ll be weird, buddy. Don’t worry about that.

Music Updates (Trophy Husbands)

Me n Kirk (aka Trophy Husbands) are in talks on the next song. Still kicking around music. Here’s the last thing I sent him. Feel free to let me know what you think here or on social media. I’m @tallonwrites on all of em. OK, for real…here’s the last little bit of music I sent the old fella:

So we’ll see what he comes up with. We’ll kick some stuff back and forth. Maybe it’ll be a song, maybe not. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks. (Probably.)

Watch our last music video.

It’s called “Pink” and it’s about Kirk’s pink house. (He wrote it while he was painting it pink.)

Upcoming Stuff

Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI

I don’t have much. Well, nothing personally. However, if you’re in Grand Rapids–or nearby–there’s REALLY fun stuff going on at Wealth Theatre. Trino, who you may remember from the podcast, has a show coming up. He’s amazing! Click here for a full lineup of what’s crackin.

I’m also giving blood soon. I’m two donations away from 3 gallons lifetime. That’ll be another pin! They mail you a gold pin for every gallon. Thanks Red Cross!

And this is where I leave you.

Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you check out Brandon Scott’s books in the Vodou Series!



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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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