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Best of Grand Rapids, Michigan

grand rapids, michigan

Some (not all) of the coolest folks in the creative scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

ZERO (aka The Beat Battle Champion…Woo!!!)

ZERO, Grand Rapids' best beat producer

ZERO is the best beat producer in Grand Rapids. So says the folks at the beat battle. See what kind of guy he is, what his process is like, and how he got into music in the first place.

Creative Ops | Ep.96 | everywhere there’s podcasts

What to Expect at the Pharmhouse Wellness Birthday Bash!

Pharmhouse Wellness turns 3 on March 18. They celebrate buy having a kickass party with vendors, freebies, giveaways, music, food, and ME!!!

5 of the Best Podcasts from Grand Rapids, Michigan

There are (at least) 5 podcasts in Grand Rapids worth taking a look at. Peep this…

THE DIATRIBE Reacts to Local Government Turning Its Back on the People (The Kent County Commissioners Board Fiasco)

the diatribe in grand rapids michigan

When politicians fail to serve the people, the community has to come together and do it themselves. And also shine a light on useless local politicians so they, maybe, stop depriving their constituents of a hope for a better life…