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Behind “The Process”: A food Blogger’s Guide to Productivity

Let's see if we can ease our minds and get to writing, shall we?

I thought about titling this one, How to Unf**k Your Mind. Ha. Back in my military days, someone who couldn’t do something right was often told to unf**k themselves. It was pretty funny. Oh! We used to call people soup sandwiches, too. I miss… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: A food Blogger’s Guide to Productivity”

The Best Podcast Episode of All Time?!?

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time

The best podcast in the world had me as a guest! Check out A TALK IN THE ATTIC wherever you get podcasts.

Incredibly Grateful

I’m super grateful for my podcast. If not for that, I’m not sure how I would satiate my social and intellectual urges in the midst of this pandemic. And more than that, my guests have reshaped the way I see things. I’m so grateful. For all of it!

A Few Quick Updates

A few updates on the podcast and the creativity enthusiast who hosts it.

I was on a podcast the other day

I was on a podcast the other day…