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What to Expect at the Pharmhouse Wellness Birthday Bash!

Pharmhouse Wellness turns 3 on March 18. They celebrate buy having a kickass party with vendors, freebies, giveaways, music, food, and ME!!!

Places I Have (And Will) Sell Books

switchers storefront sign

Hey folks! It’s me, the host of Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people), and the author of the surprisingly well received scifi/horror novel Switchers So I’ve been on the news, on a few podcasts, in a magazine, and it’s all been kinda crazy.… Continue Reading “Places I Have (And Will) Sell Books”

If ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stranger Things’ had a love child…

Here’s a good book, if, ya know, you like good books.

Blogging to Sell Books?

You a writer? Confused about how to start a following? Saddle up, partner…

Hits of Wisdom: Shut. The F**k. Up.

Yo! The last few episodes of the podcast, plus the one that’s coming out next week… Well–they taught me something. But…OK, I gotta tell you a little about next week’s episode first! I talked to Brennen Matthews: Author of Miles to Go: An African… Continue Reading “Hits of Wisdom: Shut. The F**k. Up.”