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10 Signs You’re a Creative Person

Check these 10 signs you’re a creative person and see where you land on the creativity spectrum.

All the Guests by Creative Category

Hey there! I’m a writer. I have a book coming out soon. I also play music, which you can hear as the soundtrack to my podcast, Creative Ops. On the show, I talk to all types of different creative folks across the creative spectrum.… Continue Reading “All the Guests by Creative Category”

Original Music from the Podcast

music from the podcast CREATIVE OPS

All the original music from the smash hit podcast CREATIVE OPS. Hot diggity dog!

5 Podcast Episodes You Should Hear!

Hey folks, (You can read along or skip to the list.) As you may know, I’m the creator and host of Creative Ops. I posted 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of All Time. This in turn led to more downloads for the shows the already… Continue Reading “5 Podcast Episodes You Should Hear!”

10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC!

a talk in the attic with kirk ross 10 most downloaded podcast episodes

A TALK IN THE ATTIC: 10 Most Downloaded