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All My Appearances on A TALK IN THE ATTIC

a talk in the attic

I’ve been on 3 episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC. Listen or watch here!

How to Raise a Creative Genius with Special Guest…MY MOM! (First show of 2022!)

My mother goes over the ups and downs and downs and downs of raising a difficult child (who turned out to be a genius…)

The Creative Process: Making Podcast Music

making music for the podcast

Here’s a look at how a podcast makes its music.

New Music!

I have new music for the podcast.

I have three new music for the podcast. (And one old track!)

Boot Camp & The “Nasty Nine”, Hypothetical Rock Bands, Podcast Musings, and…I Dunno…Stuff

Podcast updates, an old story, and a list of my favorite hypothetical bands (by genre)