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A Podcast for Creative People

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people to talk about their creative roots and process

Do you like podcasts? Are you creative? Do you like conversations with creative people? Of course you do; you’re awesome. Creative Ops: A Podcast for Creative People On my podcast, I talk to creatives of all types, from all backgrounds. I find cool locals… Continue Reading “A Podcast for Creative People”

The Whispering Machine (a short story)

Here’s a story I wrote my sons as a gift. (Yes, they’re cool with me posting it.)

Creative Ops: Writer Interviews

Writers and poets. Interviewed. By me. WOO!!!

Mike Salt, horror author and cool dude

Mike Salt as a guest on Creative Ops

Check out me and my friend Mike Salt talk about books and writing and social media and marketing and generally talkin shit.

Story Time: “Do Scorpions Have Tallons?”

I was on a storytelling podcast. I told a story and discussed the art of storytelling. It was fun!