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Independent Authors of the Future!

independent authors

Listen to a few interviews with some of the best working indie writers before you buy their phenomenal books!

5 Powerful Podcast Episodes about Mental Health!

Mental Health

Hey Thread-heads, Threadies, or whatever the kids call themselves these days! As we go into the end of 2021 thinking about all the money we’re spending, all the time with in-laws, traveling on bad roads, etc…, it shouldn’t be a surprise that, for many… Continue Reading “5 Powerful Podcast Episodes about Mental Health!”

Creative Ops’ Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes

Creative Ops podcast logo

Re-listen and see if you agree with the rankings, or use it as a starting point if you’re new to the show!

Self-Publishing: A Beginner‘s Guide w/ Joshua Marsella

I did another one with Joshua Marsella. This one was shorter and more focused on the HOW-TOs of self-publishing. Here’s the notes: Hey folks! My writing buddies who are farther along in their careers are helping me out with some publishing DOs and DON’Ts.… Continue Reading “Self-Publishing: A Beginner‘s Guide w/ Joshua Marsella”

Behind “The Process”: The First 50 Pages

Finish the first fifty pages and see what you have.

Well hello, Welcome to another BTP post, a series aimed at demystifying the writing process. Today’s topic: The First Fifty If you’ve written a short story then you’re probably familiar, at least intuitively, of the beginning-middle-end sequence of storytelling. Hell, you’re probably familiar with… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: The First 50 Pages”