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Behind "The Process": Writerly Wisdom from an Amazing Author–Jennifer Soucy!

Hey folks, I did my first podcast interview of the quarantine era. We had to do it all remotely–producer in the studio, me at home, the guest at home, all connecting on a streaming app. Not the ideal way to connect, but, given our… Continue Reading “Behind "The Process": Writerly Wisdom from an Amazing Author–Jennifer Soucy!”

Behind “The Process”: Intro to Social Media and Platform Building for Writers

If you want to put a book into the world, people need to know you and your book exist. Before you publish, spend time building your platform and engaging with your prospective audience.

Behind “The Process”: Gonna Schedule Like a…(What Rhymes with Schedule?)

Welcome to Behind “The Process”, a series of blog posts for new and experienced writers. By “The Process”, I mean the writing process. This blog is partly devoted to sharing tips and tools for writers. It’s also advice from someone who insists on learning… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Gonna Schedule Like a…(What Rhymes with Schedule?)”

Writing As a Side Gig: Blogging

Hey folks, It’s been a hot second since I wrote a blog. Well…for my blog, anyway. I started this blog for the same reason any unpublished-but-hopeful author who’s also trying to start a podcast does: to grow and connect with an audience. Ya know,… Continue Reading “Writing As a Side Gig: Blogging”

Long Sleeves (a poem)

Hey, folks. So I used to play in bands, write songs, and all that fun stuff. Don’t have the time for it anymore, but this was always one of my favorite originals to play. So I figured, might as well share it, now as… Continue Reading “Long Sleeves (a poem)”