Behind "The Process": Why Is Writing Scary?

Seriously. It's a valid question. Writing is scary. Ok--starting writing is scary. That's the focus here: getting started. Even if you like writing, and have been doing it for awhile, getting started is scary. Truth be told, I'm writing this because I'm putting off working on a story. It's on a legal pad right next … Continue reading Behind "The Process": Why Is Writing Scary?

Behind "The Process": Rejection

It'll be OK! I touched on rejection anxiety a little bit in my post Behind "The Process": Don't Be Shy. But that was more of a don't-be-afraid-to-let-the-world-know-you're-a-writer kind of thing. If you're past the initial anxiety of just anyone seeing your stuff, then hopefully you've received some useful feedback and made yourself a better writer. … Continue reading Behind "The Process": Rejection