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Story Time: “Do Scorpions Have Tallons?”

I was on a storytelling podcast. I told a story and discussed the art of storytelling. It was fun!

Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2022

The most downloaded episodes of 2022. The most downloads by states and countries, too.

Until 2023…

christopher tallon switchers

2022 is over already? Hot damn!
A look back at the podcast, updates on the future of my fiction and the show. Check it the f–k out!

10 Times As Many Listeners! (A Podcast Host’s Thank-You)

OK. Brag time. My podcast is in it’s third year of existence. Listen to a few of the recent episodes while you get a super brief overview of the show’s growth: Year One: Meh… Not a lot of downloads. Not a lot of marketing… Continue Reading “10 Times As Many Listeners! (A Podcast Host’s Thank-You)”

3 Hilarious Comedians You Gotta Hear!

All the funny ass people who’ve been on CREATIVE OPS so far.