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Podcasting about book promotion and marketing with writers

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Jody Sperling, writer and host of the podcast Cre8 Collabor8, interview me, a fellow writer/podcaster, about how I plan to get people to read my book. It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it!

All the Guests by Creative Category

Hey there! I’m a writer. I have a book coming out soon. I also play music, which you can hear as the soundtrack to my podcast, Creative Ops. On the show, I talk to all types of different creative folks across the creative spectrum.… Continue Reading “All the Guests by Creative Category”

Finding Inner Peace: Setting Boundaries, Taking a Break from Alcohol & Weed, & Trying to Find a Good Therapist

christopher tallon on threads podcast: life unfitlered

I guested on a podcast and talked about stuff. It was dope. You should listen. I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya!
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1 Local Dispensary in All of Grand Rapids, MI?!?

Listen to the owner of the ONLY locally-owned cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI, explain why it’s so hard for locals to get into the game.