Pharmhouse Wellness Artists Market 7/29/23

Pharmhouse Wellness, at 831 Wealthy St. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is hosting another artists market. It’s great for the local creative community because it’s free for the local creatives to vend. The creativity is amazing, PLUS there’s food, music, cannabis for sale, and a designated smoking area on-site. Plus I’ll be there.

Doing what, you ask?

Selling books and recording a podcast!

Christopher Tallon sales poster

I was not planning on seeking out events for this summer, but when Pharmhouse Wellness invited me back to set up a booth to sell books and document the event via my podcast (Creative Ops), I couldn’t say no.

Pharmhouse Wellness is my preferred dispensary and has been since before they started selling my books in their lobby. (Thanks again, Pharmhouse!)

Their artist vendor markets have been a wonderful opportunity for local artists to connect with local art lovers in a fun, relaxed environment. (They have a toke tent onsite if you’d like to partake while you attend.)

pharmhouse wellness art market map

Listen to the Pharmhouse episodes of Creative Ops

christopher tallon at pharmhouse wellness 7/29/2023

Ep.56 | Casey Kornoelje – Grand Rapids’ Only Local in the Cannabis Game Creative Ops

Casey Kornoelje is the sole owner of the only locally-owned cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You might ask, "There are so many dispensaries…how is Pharmhouse Wellness the only local one?"  Great question. Listen for the answer to that, how Casey got into growing in the first place, how the shop came to fruition, and what his plans are for the shop and the community around it going forward. . . . Check out Pharmhouse Wellness on their website,, on Facebook @pharmhousewellness, and on Instagram @pharmhousewellness. . . . Follow the show and its host at and on all social media @TallonWrites. . . . And leave a review AND a rating for the show wherever you download podcasts. Thanks!

Ep.73 | The Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market: A Podumentary… Creative Ops

Pharmhouse Wellness, Grand Rapids, Michigan's only locally owned and operated dispensary, had another art market. Again I sold books and (someone else's (my daugher's!)) art. This time, however, I brought my podcast gear and made a whole thing of it, talking to a little bit of every kind of person around: pot smokers, local celebrities, art enthusiasts, art vendors, budtenders, and one of the event organizers. And Mike Logan did a great read of the back of my book Switchers, which I encourage you to read. Your future self will thank you… .   .   . The interviewees are: Mike Logan | IG: @icecoldcomedian  Matt "soon-to-be from GR" Sweda | IG: @mattsweda Frankie | IG: @stolenchapstick K.C. | IG: @kcnextdoo_ & @nailzbykc_ Loyiso "Lou" Matanda | IG: @loyisomatandabey Ashley Nash | IG: @nashleyillustration ; Kate Lewis | IG: @claykate ; Dean from BEDROOM CEILINGS | Insta and Facebook @bedroomceilings .   .   . Shout out to my tent sharing artists from the two markets: Los The Artist and Savannah Jade. One more to Michigrown for sponsoring the event and giving away some nice freebies! Hope to see you at the next one August 20, 2022, at Pharmhouse Wellness in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  

Ep. 82 | Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market Creative Ops

I'm on my Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour promoting my novel, Switchers, a scifi story that pits teens in 1996 against their adult selves in a winner-take-all time travel war. Pharmhouse Wellness is more to me than a few pit stops on the tour, they are a partner I've worked with to promote the book and to sell it in their lobby. I'm grateful for the opportunities they've provided me, as well as many other creatives in the Grand Rapids area. This episode is comprised of 6 interviews: 1) Casey and Megan Kornoelje – owners/founders of Pharmhouse Wellness 2) Dennis the frisbee guy – Founder of Wino-O Frisbee in Grand Rapids (Facebook Group)  3) Darcy Weiss aka Doodle Mittens – artist/vendor ( 4) Chadwick Belbeck – artist/art market attendee/personal friend (IG: @cwick_b) 5) "Uncle" Mary Brandt & (Aunt) Tay Martinez – artists/vendors/adorable married couple (IG: @maryfragdalene & @taymartiart) 6) Abdul – owner of  CHAR, the caterers of the event ( . . . for all things show/host related. Love ya. Mwah! . . . Please have a listen to The Reluctant Book Marketer if you're into any part of the publishing process. It's a fascinating podcast.

Read Switchers by Christopher Tallon (even if you miss the event (*sadness*))

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You can get Switchers at the Kent District Library (or surrounding libraries in west Michigan), you can buy it on Barnes&,, or snag yourself a signed copy through

Switchers is also FREE on Kindle Unlimited

That’s right, baby! FREE!!!!

If you already have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you can read Switchers by Christopher Tallon (Hello!) at no charge. And the fun part, writers still get paid somehow for this. So you don’t have to feel like you’re cheating me out of money.

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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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