Autographed copies of Switchers

Autographed copies will be sent from Michigan, in the USA. Cost could be more than $15.00USD, depending where you live. Contact me for pricing outside the contiguous 48 states. Keep in mind that delivery times may vary if my stash of copies runs out, if I have an event coming up, etc…

To get a copy:

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  2. Click SUBMIT.
  4. Enter payment info (card, PayPal, or Venmo)
  5. Wait for it to arrive!
Thanks for the support!

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Switchers by Christopher Tallon. A suspenseful, sometimes scary, time travel story where the good guys in the past are the bad guys in the future.

Alright, alright. I know…you’re like:

“But $15…that’s more than it costs on Amazon...”

That’s true. However, those extra few bucks go towards shipping, which is usually around $4 (give or take a few nickels). And $15 is cheaper than buying the book on Amazon, mailing it to me to sign, then having me send it back. Which, I guess, I could do…

So–your choice, I suppose. I’m down either way. You do you.

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