ART & CANNABIS in Grand Rapids

pharmhouse wellness, the only locally owned dispensary in grand rapids, michigan

Here’s a recap of the most recent art market at Pharmhouse Wellness, the only 100% locally owned dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Ep.102 | ART & CANNABIS – The July Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market 2023 Creative Ops

switchers by christopher tallon
creative ops hosted by christopher tallon

If you were in Grand Rapids and you missed the Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market in July, may god have mercy on your soul…

Here’s a some of what was going on, via 6 interviews conducted outdoors at my booth. If you hear people in the background, that’s just the toke tent folks having fun. Make sure you don’t miss the next Pharmhouse Market AUGUST 19, 2023!!! (10a-3p)

(I incorrectly state the next one is in September. (There is one in September, but the NEXT one is AUGUST 19.

Pharmhouse Wellness is the ONLY 100% locally owned dispensary in Grand Rapids, MI, and they are located at 831 Wealthy St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Go to for more.


  1. Ben: wood artist – 
  2. Alby Blazo: romance writer (aka Leesa Mason) –; @albyblazo (look her up on Kindle and Vella)
  3. Henry: collage artist – facebook
  4. Eva Finley: fantasy writer – @thatwritinglife;
  5.  Maude Winters: princess fiction – tiktok @thatbikemom; 
  6. Jason: artist/graphic novelist/market goer – @strutzart;


Via the Pharmhouse Wellness Instagram page.


Thanks for checking it out. If you’re near Grand Rapids, MI, come to the next markets: Aug. 19 & Sep. 16!



christopher tallon switchers

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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