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Original Music from the Creativity-Focused Podcast, CREATIVE OPS

Hey folks! I’m Christopher Tallon, author of the creepy sci-fi novel Switchers, host of a podcast called Creative Ops, and also a musician responsible for all the music from said podcast. (Save for the closing song.) The music primarily serves as a palate refresher… Continue Reading “Original Music from the Creativity-Focused Podcast, CREATIVE OPS”

A Book with a Body-Swapping, Time-Travel War…

I wrote a book! I have a podcast! I make music! Exclamation points!

Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2022

The most downloaded episodes of 2022. The most downloads by states and countries, too.

10 Times As Many Listeners! (A Podcast Host’s Thank-You)

OK. Brag time. My podcast is in it’s third year of existence. Listen to a few of the recent episodes while you get a super brief overview of the show’s growth: Year One: Meh… Not a lot of downloads. Not a lot of marketing… Continue Reading “10 Times As Many Listeners! (A Podcast Host’s Thank-You)”

Places I Have (And Will) Sell Books

switchers storefront sign

Hey folks! It’s me, the host of Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people), and the author of the surprisingly well received scifi/horror novel Switchers So I’ve been on the news, on a few podcasts, in a magazine, and it’s all been kinda crazy.… Continue Reading “Places I Have (And Will) Sell Books”