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What Do I Need to Do (And to Whom) to Get A Podcast Review?!?

Reviews are annoying to write. You could be picking your nose, eating, or dicking around on the internet instead. Right? WRONG! Rate and review my podcast. Now.

Incredibly Grateful

I’m super grateful for my podcast. If not for that, I’m not sure how I would satiate my social and intellectual urges in the midst of this pandemic. And more than that, my guests have reshaped the way I see things. I’m so grateful. For all of it!

My Podcast Is on YouTube, Guest Announcements, & New Release Schedule (Again)

Podcast stuff mostly. Updates, schedules, guests, and FREE SHIT!!!!!!

3 Steps to Free Books (A Podcast Giveaway!)

Jennifer Soucy novel giveaway!

Jennifer Soucy is a great writer, and a friend of mine. She’s going to give away books, people. For free. See what we’re looking for to get some good reads on the cheap-cheap!

Game Time: A Brilliant Mind and a Great Guy (in One!)

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people. We get to know the creator, their process, and talk about the stuff they make. Artists, musicians, professionals, parents, medical pros, etc...

Listen to the latest episode of Creative Ops, wherever you get podcasts, and hear my interview with champion escape room designer\player. He does WAY more than that, though. Find out more…