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Hey folks!

I’m Christopher Tallon, author of the creepy sci-fi novel Switchers, host of a podcast called Creative Ops, and also a musician responsible for all the music from said podcast. (Save for the closing song.)

The music primarily serves as a palate refresher between topics I talk about with my guests (or on the occasional solo episode.) We have a conversation about their personal creative journey, what inspires them, and how (in a practical sense) they do what they do. There’s also sound effects and voice effects used to boost the stories we tell in our conversations and whatnot. It’s fun. Here’s the last few episodes:

Goodbye, folks! (For now…) Creative Ops

  1. Goodbye, folks! (For now…)
  2. Ep.104 | Tara McCrackin – ”Crisis President” of Kendall College of Art & Design
  3. Ep.103 | Adam Truckey (AJT Design) – A Figure-It-Out Mindset
  4. Ep.102 | ART & CANNABIS – The July Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market 2023
  5. Ep.101 | Trohpy Husbands – new music video! (”PINK”)
  6. Ep.100 | Dr. Lester Efianayi – Eyes, Athletics, & Diversity in Medicine
  7. Ep.99 | Trino – Magic in the Golden Age of Entertainment!
  8. Ep.98 | Abbey Hunter – Death & Coffee
  9. Ep.97 | Jason Tieri – Podcaster Extraordinaire
  10. Creative Ops FM

Anywho…here’s a small sample of a few songs you might hear on Creative Ops from time to time.

Creative Ops Soundtrack

“Easy Step-Down”

“Little Jazz Number”


“Fun Song”

“Oddly Normal”


christopher tallon switchers

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

You’ve got the rhyme and reason / But got no cause

But if you’re hot to trot / You think you’re slicker than grease

I’ve got news for you crews / You’ll be sucking like a leech

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