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The Musician Interviews from Creative Ops

All the interviews with musicians from the Creative Ops interview vault. It’s a real vault. It’s hidden. (I’ve said too much…)

A Key Figure in Grand Rapids’ Art & Music Scene: Dante Cope

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people.

Dante Cope – A staple of the creative scene in Grand Rapids, MI. Listen to what makes this guy tick on the latest episode of Creative Ops: -CT Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers. You’ve got the rhyme… Continue Reading “A Key Figure in Grand Rapids’ Art & Music Scene: Dante Cope”

Dante Cope does EVERYTHING!

Dante Cope aka Brandon Copeland

Dante Cope is a creative wonder. Check him out on Creative Ops!

Pedro ”The Roadie” Rodriguez is BACK ON THE ROAD!!!

I called my buddy Pedro to catch up with him now that he’s back out on tour with KMFDM!

Save Money on Upheaval Festival Tickests!

Hey kiddos! Gonna be in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 15th and or 16th? Like loud music? You need to be at the Upheaval Festival this year. Besides all the bands you know like Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed, there are bands like this that… Continue Reading “Save Money on Upheaval Festival Tickests!”