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Original Music

I make music. No, seriously. Some of it isn’t bad, even.

Original Music from the Creativity-Focused Podcast, CREATIVE OPS

Hey folks! I’m Christopher Tallon, author of the creepy sci-fi novel Switchers, host of a podcast called Creative Ops, and also a musician responsible for all the music from said podcast. (Save for the closing song.) The music primarily serves as a palate refresher… Continue Reading “Original Music from the Creativity-Focused Podcast, CREATIVE OPS”

The Musician Interviews from Creative Ops

All the interviews with musicians from the Creative Ops interview vault. It’s a real vault. It’s hidden. (I’ve said too much…)

Original Music from the Podcast

music from the podcast CREATIVE OPS

All the original music from the smash hit podcast CREATIVE OPS. Hot diggity dog!