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Badass Writers to Watch for in 2021

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people. We get to know the creator, their process, and talk about the stuff they make. Artists, musicians, professionals, parents, medical pros, etc...

Howdy Folks! If you’ve been here before, you may have known that I, Christopher Tallon, am the host of Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people, by creative people). If not…well, I am. As the year winds down, I wanted to tell anyone who… Continue Reading “Badass Writers to Watch for in 2021”

Behind “The Process”: 10 Tips from the Author of the Vodou series

10 writing tips fresh from Brandon Scott’s appearance on Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people, by creative people). Brandon Scott is the Amazon bestselling author of the Vodou series. Get inside his head here…

Classic Author Interviews: Christopher Tallon’s All-Time Favorites

What’s up, folks? Glad you’re here. Yesterday I wrote a post that referenced an author interview. In thinking more about that post, I consider it a mistake that I didn’t put a link to that interview in the post. I thought about going back… Continue Reading “Classic Author Interviews: Christopher Tallon’s All-Time Favorites”

Author Talk: An Interview with RK Holliday

Howdy folks! I’m really excited to share with you guys the highlights from an interview I did with author RK Holliday. He’s a super nice guy and author of two books–The Edifice, a middle-grade fantasy/sci-fi novel; and Alone Together: Why Your Kids Are Watching… Continue Reading “Author Talk: An Interview with RK Holliday”