The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in an Attic…

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time

Fun Podcast; Great YouTube Content; And a Little Bit of Me

Hey there!

A reminder to those who don’t know–


Oh, right…I, uh. Yeah, it can’t be a reminder if they didn’t already–

OK, so I wanted to tell you:

You Can Watch Me on the YouTube! (Not only can you, should you. (You know what I mean.))

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time
I was a guest on A Talk in the Attic a few weeks ago.

First of all, there’s a lot more podcasting talent in Grand Rapids, MI than I had hoped. And one show in particular kept getting the same guests as me. Sometimes they had them first, sometimes I did. But it was weird not only for that, but because we both hope to expose listeners to creative, inspiring people in the hopes of raising people’s creative awareness and guiding them towards expressing whatever it is that’s trying to get out.

So I reached out to this fella…

I accused him of reading my mind, which he denied. Of course, he would–wouldn’t he? Yadda, yadda, yadda, we end up hanging out in the titular Attic with a few cameras and mics, and this happened:

That’s, of course me on the left, Kirk A. Ross on the right, and the infamous “plant cam” in the center!

Please give it a click and check out the conversation. Kirk breaks up the segments with musical interludes, and spices up my Navy story “I Stopped a Man Overboard Rescue” (and others) by changing my voice when I speak as different people.

We talk about my book, the writing process, the (currently ongoing) publication process, and about possibly doing some Attic Theatre/Audio Book scenes from the book when it’s getting ready to actually come out.

Lots of fun. Do me a kindness: watch it and leave a comment about how beautiful Kirk’s hair is.

Thanks so much for the support, you all and/or y’all.


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