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10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC!

a talk in the attic with kirk ross 10 most downloaded podcast episodes

A TALK IN THE ATTIC: 10 Most Downloaded

Ep.53 | ”Our Wives Got Paid” by TROPHY HUSBANDS – aka Kirk Ross (host of A Talk in the Attic) & Me (host of THIS podcast)

Music by your favorite podcasting musicians, the Trophy Husbands (aka me and Kirk Ross from A TALK IN THE ATTIC)

The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in an Attic…

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time

Fun Podcast; Great YouTube Content; And a Little Bit of Me Hey there! A reminder to those who don’t know– What? Oh, right…I, uh. Yeah, it can’t be a reminder if they didn’t already– OK, so I wanted to tell you: You Can Watch… Continue Reading “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in an Attic…”