10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC!

a talk in the attic with kirk ross 10 most downloaded podcast episodes
A TALK IN THE ATTIC with Kirk Ross
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Hey folks,

I’ve been extremely fortunate to meet some really cool, creative people the last few years on my podcast. I’ve developed a few meaningful friendships through podcasting, one of which has led to some really fun musical and podcasting collaborations. I’m talking about my buddy Kirk Ross, host of one of the best podcasts (not in the area, not in its genre, just one of the best…period): A TALK IN THE ATTIC.

What’s A TALK IN THE ATTIC you ask?

Well, it’s a podcast that is both serious and irreverent in equal and appropriate parts. Kirk has fun and interesting guests on for one on one conversations, and also makes highly creative solo podcasts–all of which have ˆ. And you have to see the videos; it’s a whole other experience and it’s fully worth seeing. Particularly his interviews with biblical figures, alter egos, and his mostly-comedic solo pods that really lean into the visual storytelling aspect. I listen and watch the same episodes. Not kidding. That’s why I wanted to interview him in the first place.

How do I really feel about A TALK IN THE ATTIC?

In case you couldn’t tell, I think you should listen to A TALK IN THE ATTIC. For a little extra nudge, I’ll give you a great starter pack by way of a list of…

A TALK IN THE ATTIC’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes


Greetings from Assville: Groft Fam Meetup 2021 A Talk in the Attic

*Watch on YouTube*Featuring music by Marc Rebillet, this installment follows a wily group of internet weirdos who came together through Loop Daddy and eventually gathered around Mark Groft, graphic design artist and all-around good guy. What happens when 25 internet-friends but real-life-strangers rent a house in Asheville, NC, for a long weekend and a Loop Daddy show? Is it possible to form real, lasting friendships in the often toxic social media arena? Today's episode, above all else, is about friendship, family, and love. Support Marc Rebillet!Support Mark Groft!Support this show!(Music used with permission.)Support the show


bicycle day: the origin story of LSD A Talk in the Attic

*watch on youtube* (video to post by 1:30pm edt on 4.21.21)kirk celebrates 4/20 in style before diving into the global holiday that takes place on 4/19 of every year since 1943: bicycle day. in the first of a multi-part stoner education series, we explore bicycle day's origins in switzerland, where chemist albert hofmann discovered a unique compound derived from a fungus found in moldy rye bread that would go on to spark personal psychedelic journeys and cultural revolutions alike. even the terrible adolf hitler gets involved.kirk produced three original songs in support of today's trippy installment.citations:1. “apparently uselesss…” by tom shroder of the atlantic2. wikipedia entry on albert hofmann 3. a bunch of stoners over the yearsatita linksSupport the show


september 5th, 1882 A Talk in the Attic

weary from a labor-intensive labor day, kirk compares this past holiday weekend with america's first-ever labor day. with an eclectic soundtrack and many an old-timey accent, this episode is sure to offer a reflective lens to anyone who listens with an open mind. check the spotify playlist below for all of today's music, including the banger anthem, "when i first put my uniform on". official spotify playlist for e55: 'september 5th, 1882'patreon link for a talk in the atticjoe jenneman on spotifymichigan podcasting network on fbcited sources: us dept. of labor website; labor daze: pride, chaos, and kegs; what is labor day? – by the failing new york timesSupport the show



Kirk's former teacher and rock music historian Gary Johnson was a career public school educator until 2004, when he retired and embarked on his labor of love that is the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends internet hall of fame, a coveted place to be for Michigan rock musicians. Through the expert lens of 'Doctor J', life and the pursuit of passion are discussed over an amazing soundtrack. Michigan Rock and Roll Legends HOF WebsiteE52 Official Spotify PlaylistATITA on PatreonJoe Jenneman on SpotifyMichigan Podcasting Network on Facebook Support the show


lot lizard blues A Talk in the Attic

watch on youtube… after a doubt-laden opening segment, kirk takes to his virtual cb radio and dives into an episode all about trucker talk. #lotlizard #bigrig #tractortrailer #semitruck #trucktalk #cartalk #language episode brought to you by 'lot lizard dental dams'. show linksSupport the show


masks are everywhere these days, but what about the mask we so often forget about: the mask we call our persona? additional music provided by future ('mask off') and conor oberst & the mystic valley band ('nikorette'). a talk in the attic on instagrama talk in the attic on twitterjoe jenneman on spotifymichigan podcasting network on facebookSupport the show



Now well-known as the prize-winning survivalist from History Channel's 'ALONE', Dave McIntyre stops into the Attic to discuss his transformative 66 days on Vancouver Island. Beyond that, Dave & Kirk converse about finding a healthy and essential outlet for masculinity in a culture that has largely demonized even the most natural acts of manliness. Dave's also an author of a post-apocalyptic fiction series called "The Fall", a fresh but relevant response to the played-out zombie genre. Download The Fall Series on AmazonDave McIntyre Wilderness WebsiteDave McIntyre Fan Page on FacebookA TALK IN THE ATTIC Official LinksSupport the show



Roland Welker is arguably the baddest dude on the planet. After a stunning performance on History Channel's 'ALONE', this real-life frontiersman stops into the Attic to discuss his $1,000,000 victory. Topics include his early influences in rural Pennsylvania, his transition to Alaska in his mid-twenties, and his decades of experience as a world-class registered guide. Next, Roland breaks down his experience on the show and pitches his vision for his own one-man-show, which absolutely needs to happen. In honor of this week's guest, (3) unique renditions of Roland's favorite song: Waylon Jennings' "Lonesome, On'ry & Mean".  Big ups to talented musicians and friends of the program Joe Jenneman, Aaron Gentle, and hip-hop group Street Brokers. That's right, a hip-hop take on Waylon Jennings, complete with custom lyrics especially for Roland, the 100-Day King himself.Check out the accompanying video for this episode on YouTube!Links for Roland: Official Store / YouTube / IG / TwitterA TALK IN THE ATTIC LinksMusician Links: Joe Jenneman on Spotify / Aaron Gentle on Soundcloud / Street Brokers on SpotifyMichigan Podcasting Network on Facebook GO TO HISTORY.COM TO WATCH 'ALONE' SEASONS 1-7Support the show


rough riders' anthem A Talk in the Attic

#ripdmx #dmx big ups to the legend, dmx. this episode is not his ruff ryders, but about roosevelt's rough riders.friend of the show aka kirk's mother suggested that this episode should focus on "cozy season", but that didn't make quite make the cut. however, "cozy season" is synonymous with autumn, and with the arrival of this particular season brings to mind thoughts of hunting, football, and politics, which means president theodore roosevelt is the main focus of today's educational show. music by joe jenneman, isaac joel, and hill.'a talk in the attic' linksmichigan podcasting networkinfo sources: wiki | washington post article from 1905 | 'how teddy roosevelt helped save football' by katie zezimaSupport the show


about the host A Talk in the Attic

"In order to be trusted, you must first trust." In this introductory episode, Kirk opens up about himself in a show of trust to his listeners. Future episodes will feature guest interviews and original content. Part of the Michigan Podcasting Network. Original theme song written and performed by Joe Jenneman: bit.ly/joejenneman.Support the show

And there you have it, folks. Those are where you can start. Then go look up the 3 or 4 episodes I was on! And if you’re on social media often enough…



Later kids!


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