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A Statistical 1st for Creative Ops

Where are the downloads coming from? I was surprised too!

How to Raise a Creative Genius with Special Guest…MY MOM! (First show of 2022!)

My mother goes over the ups and downs and downs and downs of raising a difficult child (who turned out to be a genius…)

Cannabis & Creativity

Cannabis makes you more creative(?)

Does cannabis promote creativity? Yes and no. All will be explained!

A Creative Talk in the Attic: Who the F**k is Kirk Ross?

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time

The picture is from the time I was on A Talk in the Attic. This is the link for Kirk’s interview on my podcast, Creative Ops: Here’s the show notes: My buddy and fellow podcaster|musician|writer Kirk Ross joined me (or rather I joined… Continue Reading “A Creative Talk in the Attic: Who the F**k is Kirk Ross?”

What Do I Need to Do (And to Whom) to Get A Podcast Review?!?

a podcast for creative people, by creative people

Reviews are annoying to write. You could be picking your nose, eating, or dicking around on the internet instead. Right? WRONG! Rate and review my podcast. Now.