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All the Guests by Creative Category

great podcasts by great people

Hey there! I’m a writer. I have a book coming out soon. I also play music, which you can hear as the soundtrack to my podcast, Creative Ops. On the show, I talk to all types of different creative folks across the creative spectrum.… Continue Reading “All the Guests by Creative Category”

Chatting w/ Derek Mohr – Developer, Designer, Artist, & Good Dude

My latest podcast is out with guest Derek Mohr, a designer, developer, artist, creative, and overall good dude.

A Sorted List of Every Podcast Episode

A sorted list of all the shows by guest type (and all the solo episodes in one spot)

9 Podcast Episodes Featuring Creative Women (Yay for Women’s History Month!)

The wonderful, creative ladies who have graced my podcast are all showcased in one spot! Happy Women’s History Month, homies.

Did I just catfish myself…?🤣 (and some other stuff)

catfished on myself!

Good morning! Okay, so you might not be reading this in the morning, but I’m writing it in the morning. Deal with it. Catfishing myself… Listen to my podcast, g*dd****it! Wanna read an advanced copy of a book? Catfishing Myself Sorry. I’m in a… Continue Reading “Did I just catfish myself…?🤣 (and some other stuff)”