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3 Hilarious Comedians You Gotta Hear!

All the funny ass people who’ve been on CREATIVE OPS so far.

Josh Adams is funny as f–k!

josh adams

Josh Adams is one of the funniest human beings on Earth. Here his story, gain some wisdom, get inspired, be creative.

My Absolute Favorite YouTube Channel

a talk in the attic, the best visual podcast in the world

Here’s a few episodes from my absolute favorite YouTube channel, A TALK IN THE ATTIC.

10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC!

a talk in the attic with kirk ross 10 most downloaded podcast episodes

A TALK IN THE ATTIC: 10 Most Downloaded

All My Appearances on A TALK IN THE ATTIC

a talk in the attic

I’ve been on 3 episodes of A TALK IN THE ATTIC. Listen or watch here!