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a talk in the attic, the best visual podcast in the world
The best on YouTube, IMO

In the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, there’s a man–a man with a YouTube channel. And this is no ordinary YouTube channel, friends. Oh no–this is a YouTube channel that is a…companion is the wrong word.

An equal and opposite part of a traditional podcast called A Talk In The Attic.

The podcast is mainly recorded and produced in attic studio of Kirk Ross, creator/host of A Talk In The Attic–hence the name. And this podcast does more than just give you the option of watching people talk. It takes on a life of its own and often gives you a completely different experience when you watch it. Kirk sometimes has visual gags that are purely for the YouTube channel viewers.

And every traditional podcast episode of A Talk In The Attic that drops has a visual component on the YouTube channel. Recently, the visual part of the podcast has become more impressive and larger in scope.

A Talk In The Attic is releasing a new video/podcast this Friday that Kirk is super excited about, so in anticipation of that, I’d like to share with you my 7 videos from my absolute favorite YouTube channel: A Talk In The Attic

Bicycle Day: The Origin Story of LSD

Trippy music and unique visuals provide a surreal backdrop for an educational episode dating back to 1941 Switzerland. Get a taste for Kirk’s quirky sketch comedy in the opener before diving into Albert Hoffman’s first-ever acid trip.

Ad Parodies from Fake Sponsors

An episode highlighting fake companies as potential advertisers for this otherwise ad-less podcast. See graphics for companies like Turn the Page CrossFit, which repurposed an old Bill Knapp’s and turned it into a CrossFit gym just for geriatrics.

The Ski Trip (Acts 1-3)

In three acts: An 80s-ski-movie-inspired melodrama about Kirk and his friends’ annual ski trip to Schuss Mountain in Bellaire, MI. Vast improvements in his light animation style are evident in this 3-part series about competition and friendship. And feminism, of course.

Frog Daddy: Art Inspired by Marc Rebillet

Kirk provides a glimpse into an upcycling process that turned a thrift-shop frog painting into an acrylic rendering of one of his favorite creative heroes, Marc “Loop Daddy” Rebillet. The painting was ultimately gifted to Marc’s official videographer, Taylor IG: @video_jesus.

Nunzio’s Big Night Out

This is my favorite one. Anytime someone says, “Which one should I watch first?” I say either Bicycle Day, or Nunzio’s Big Night Out. NBNO is Kirk’s first foray into animation yielded this adult-themed children’s storybook episode, a fictionalized retelling of his family pug’s adventurous escape from home. It’s a classic!

Get ready for THIS FRIDAY when Kirk will drop his newest visual gem in a podcast about his Electric Forest Festival experience. It’s sure to kick some ass, so enjoy everything here for now. Think of it as an appetizer for this Friday!

And if you like what you’ve heard and seen here, which you have (trust me), then please go ahead over to A Talk In The Attic and like/subscribe/review/and so on…

It actually helps a lot more than you’d think.

I said GOOD DAY!


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