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My Absolute Favorite YouTube Channel

a talk in the attic, the best visual podcast in the world

Here’s a few episodes from my absolute favorite YouTube channel, A TALK IN THE ATTIC.

How to Raise a Creative Genius with Special Guest…MY MOM! (First show of 2022!)

My mother goes over the ups and downs and downs and downs of raising a difficult child (who turned out to be a genius…)

New Music!

I have new music for the podcast.

I have three new music for the podcast. (And one old track!)

Cannabis & Creativity

Cannabis makes you more creative(?)

Does cannabis promote creativity? Yes and no. All will be explained!

The Podcast Cometh

Hello ladies and gentlemen…and both…and neither, I wanted to let you know that the trailer is out for my new podcast, Creative Ops. Check it out! If it sounds like something you wanna listen to, subscribe and get notified when new episodes drop. I’ve… Continue Reading “The Podcast Cometh”