New Music!

I have new music for the podcast.

Hey folks!

I’m glad you’re here today. I’m mean…I’m glad you’re here everyday, but–

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Anyway. I made a few new tracks that I may use on the podcast in the future. Mostly as segue music from intro to interview, or from one segment to another. You know, not stuff I’ll put on iTunes or anything. Just something to signal a change, and maybe to use as low-playing background music for some segments.

Feel free to comment but (as always): If you’re going to be mean, at least be funny.

This first one is roughly a twenty second track looped for 18 minutes. Why so long? So I can cut it shorter (takes 2 seconds) rather than make it longer (takes 2 minutes) for custom timing.

Song 1 (Continuous loop after about 20 seconds)

“Song 2” is a fun one. It’s repetitive however, it is not a loop. The end veers off in a slightly different direction. This would be a good one for shorter segues, I think. What do you think?

Song 2

Finally, this song is something I put together more because I wanted to do a quick improvised track with this particular effect. It’s one I wouldn’t normally write songs with/for–I’m more of an acoustic guy usually.

Song 3

I alway claimed to be a musician, never a talented one. So if you thought you were gonna hear some actual songs…


I guess I’ll throw in Creative Ops’ theme song.

OK, it’s not really the theme song. The “theme song” is a looped version intro/bridge of an actual song called “Longsleeves”. It’s a song I wrote and performed. The performing part was tricky. I was in a studio in Virginia. First they had me record the guitar track. Then the drums. Then the bass guitar, before finally doing split vocal tracks. I’m amazed at what real music producers can do with minimally talented artists:

“Longsleeves” is a song about a girl addicted to heroin. Like most songs about heroin, it’s strangely upbeat…

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I’m super grateful for you either way. Here’s the last few episodes, if you’ve yet to hear them:

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ZERO is a fantastic beat producer in Grand Rapids, MI. His energetic performances are mesmerizing. I liken watching him play his drum machine to watching Stevie Wonder play the piano. Those performances, coupled with award winning music, are a can't-miss. Follow ZERO on his Instagram @zerodgaf to keep up with what's going on and to see some examples of his performing and musical abilities. He's on Twitter and Facebook as well, if you're not into the whole Instagram thing. . . . Thanks for listening. Check out more show stuff, listen to some original music, and take a gander at my time travel novel at Follow me on IG, FB, Twitter, & TT: @tallonwrites . . . Shout outs to Dante Cope, Wuzee, Beatrat, and DJ Phazer.
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Have a good one, and go do something creative!


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