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If ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stranger Things’ had a love child…

Here’s a good book, if, ya know, you like good books.

Read. This. Book!

Switchers by Christopher Tallon; the best science fiction novel of all time

You’ve seen it on TV, read about it in the news, and now it’s time to get a copy of your own!

“Em’s Book Nook”: A YouTube Channel for Practitioners of the Dark (Literary) Arts

Em's Book Nook; Christopher Tallon

Em’s Book Nook is my favorite new YouTube (or BookTube) channel. Check it the frig out!

Sorry Dean. Sorry Emily. (I f#@ked Up…)

LISTEN NOW! My apologies to Dean from the band Bedroom Ceilings (check them out on Facebook and Instagram), and Emily of Emily’s Book Nook (YouTube). I didn’t give Dean credit for his interview in Ep.73, and I mailed Emily a book but forgot to… Continue Reading “Sorry Dean. Sorry Emily. (I f#@ked Up…)”

My Absolute Favorite YouTube Channel

a talk in the attic, the best visual podcast in the world

Here’s a few episodes from my absolute favorite YouTube channel, A TALK IN THE ATTIC.