“Pink”: a new Trophy Husbands music video!

PINK by Trophy Husbands

Kirk Ross, my fellow Trophy Husband, came on Creative Ops to discuss our collaborative process on the music and the accompanying video for “PINK”.

Ep.101 | Trohpy Husbands – new music video! (”PINK”) Creative Ops

This one’s a fun listen that will inspire you to call a buddy and make something silly together. Kirk Ross (host of our brother podcast, A Talk in the Attic, and one half of Trophy Husbands) and Christopher Tallon (host of Creative Ops, and the other half of Trophy Husbands) talk about Trophy Husbands latest music video, “PINK”–now out on Youtube–and what goes into collaboratively making music (and music videos).

Look for Kirk’s next podcast episode about his Electric Forest experience. It will be on A Talk in the Attic’s YouTube page, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you download them thangs.

Thanks everyone!


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