Behind “The Process”: Getting Paid to Blog

Ashley Grant gets paid to write blogs

Hey folks,

It’s been a minute since I wrote a Behind “The Process” post. The point of them is simple: demystify the writing process. Here’s a list of all of them, if you’re interested. But this one in particular is specific to blogging (and/or ghostwriting (you’ll see…)).

Meet a Paid, Professional Blogger: Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant and The Bloggy Friends Show podcast
Ashley’s podcast!

Ashley Grant is my “bloggy friend” and fellow podcaster. She recently had me on her podcast, The Bloggy Friends Show. And, as podcasters do, I returned the kindness and had Ashley on as my guest on Episode 60 of Creative Ops.

We chatted for close to an hour, talking a lot about blog-centric stuff, but also about finding your path in life, committing to something, rolling with life’s big changes, moving around the country, freelancing, podcasting, and more.

Have a listen on the player right here!

Ep.60 | The FAMOUS Ashley Grant – Blogger Life, Podcasting, & the Quest for Internet Fame Creative Ops

I hope you like the interview. If nothing else, listen to the cold open (the part before the theme song comes on). The “bruh…” part kills me.

I also debuted a new song in that episode, too. And for anyone who’s a fan of the short musical interludes you hear throughout the interviews, check out this post to hear all the original songs from the podcast soundtrack…the podtrack…? Whatever you call it, it’s all original music, arranged and recorded by me. So that’s fun.

Alright. I’m done. For now…

You Can Find ASHLEY GRANT Here:





Bloggy Friends

Ashley would like to give a shout-out! to Alex Fasulo and her Freelance Fairytales Podcast for anyone looking to get into freelance work.



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