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Writing as Work

Writing is often thought of as a hobby, not a job. But it can be BOTH!

Behind “The Process”: Gonna Schedule Like a…(What Rhymes with Schedule?)

Welcome to Behind “The Process”, a series of blog posts for new and experienced writers. By “The Process”, I mean the writing process. This blog is partly devoted to sharing tips and tools for writers. It’s also advice from someone who insists on learning… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Gonna Schedule Like a…(What Rhymes with Schedule?)”

Writing As a Side Gig: Blogging

Hey folks, It’s been a hot second since I wrote a blog. Well…for my blog, anyway. I started this blog for the same reason any unpublished-but-hopeful author who’s also trying to start a podcast does: to grow and connect with an audience. Ya know,… Continue Reading “Writing As a Side Gig: Blogging”