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3 Reasons to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop (And 1 Reason to Never Go Again!)

Hey Folks! So, this is actually a repost from the OiLuber Blog. Why would I repost that? Because I wrote it, silly! It’s for a pretty cool company that, for about the same price as going to the shop, will send a technician to… Continue Reading “3 Reasons to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop (And 1 Reason to Never Go Again!)”

Behind “The Process”: Pre-Writing a Blog Post

Don't make writing a blog post more difficult than it has to be. Structure your blog post before you write it, and it pretty much writes itself.

Anyone can write a blog. But not everyone writes good blogs. Figure out what you’re trying to say BEFORE you say it. Here’s one way to do that…

Writing as Work

Writing is often thought of as a hobby, not a job. But it can be BOTH!

Behind “The Process”: Gonna Schedule Like a…(What Rhymes with Schedule?)

Welcome to Behind “The Process”, a series of blog posts for new and experienced writers. By “The Process”, I mean the writing process. This blog is partly devoted to sharing tips and tools for writers. It’s also advice from someone who insists on learning… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Gonna Schedule Like a…(What Rhymes with Schedule?)”

Writing As a Side Gig: Blogging

Hey folks, It’s been a hot second since I wrote a blog. Well…for my blog, anyway. I started this blog for the same reason any unpublished-but-hopeful author who’s also trying to start a podcast does: to grow and connect with an audience. Ya know,… Continue Reading “Writing As a Side Gig: Blogging”