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4 Things to Think about When Negotiating Pay for Blogs

blogging is a great way to make money from anywhere, but there are a few things to think about when negotiating price

Don’t jump at the first blogging opportunity you get. At least not without thinking about a few things first.

Trying to Make Money in the Gig Economy?

I write for The Gig Economy Podcast. I’m not bragging; I’m asking for your help. What questions do you have to the seasoned podcasters/gig-economists. Good questions will be featured in the blog and/or the show!

Where are you on the Web-Content Debate?: Quality -or- Quantity

If you’re writing blogs, should you write as often as possible, or write as well as you can at the expense of time…?

3 Ways (Some) Christians Hijack And Exploit The Bible

Bible verses can do good or evil, depending on the user's intent...

I wrote a blog for a client that takes a look at our common day misconceptions of Bible passages

3 Reasons to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop (And 1 Reason to Never Go Again!)

Hey Folks! So, this is actually a repost from the OiLuber Blog. Why would I repost that? Because I wrote it, silly! It’s for a pretty cool company that, for about the same price as going to the shop, will send a technician to… Continue Reading “3 Reasons to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop (And 1 Reason to Never Go Again!)”