Back Again; Putting a Friendship to the Test; Shout Outs!!! — Threads Podcast™

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Back Again; Putting a Friendship to the Test; Shout Outs!!! — Threads Podcast™

Hey folks,

If you didn’t know, I write blogs kinda professionally. I know, right?

Anyway, my friends, colleagues, mentors, what-have-you enlisted my writing services for their podcast. That podcast is Threads Podcast: Life Unfilitered. And I am their blogger. Deal with it.

Anywho, I really like what they’re about as people and what they do with their show, so I’m hoping some of you fine folks who peak in at this will think about heading over to see some blogs I wrote for those guys. Maybe you could even…

Nah. It’s only for cool people.

You really wanna know?


You can go follow their blog and maybe even try listening to their podcast.

Unless you only have time for one podcast…

Then, I guess, listen to mine.


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