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Behind “The Process”: Getting Paid to Blog

Ashley Grant gets paid to write blogs

Ashley Grant gets paid to write blogs. Here’s how she got into it…

Talking with my Bloggy Friend!

Christopher Tallon was a guest on The Bloggy Friends Show

I was on The Bloggy Friends Show recently. Check it out to dive deeper into my “creative genius” (*her words, not mine*) and listen to a conversation between a couple of folks who get paid to write blogs. Check out the host of the… Continue Reading “Talking with my Bloggy Friend!”

Lonely? Astoundingly, 3 out of 5 Americans Are…

I wrote an article about loneliness and how to improve your mental health for Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. Please start here and click the link over to their site to finish.

The Big Twitter Pitch Contest (A Publishing Update), Upcoming Podcast Stuff, & Whatever Else I Wanna Talk About!

@TallonWrites tweet from #pitmad in March 2021

I did a thing on Twitter, I need people to read my friggin book ova heah, a few podcast updates, and some randomness at the end. WOO!!!!

Trying to Make Money in the Gig Economy?

I write for The Gig Economy Podcast. I’m not bragging; I’m asking for your help. What questions do you have to the seasoned podcasters/gig-economists. Good questions will be featured in the blog and/or the show!