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Behind “The Process”: When It’s OK to Write “Just”

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Hey peeps! If you don’t know me and you’re like, Who is this butthole to tell ME when to use “just” in my writing? Well friend, I’m that butt–I’m that person. My name is Chris. My book and website says Christopher on it, but… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: When It’s OK to Write “Just””

Behind “The Process”: Getting Paid to Blog

Ashley Grant gets paid to write blogs

Ashley Grant gets paid to write blogs. Here’s how she got into it…

Behind “The Process”: Dealing with Interruptions

Writing is a lot of fun. But, for many, it requires a little warming up, though that’s not what this post is about. (I’ve previously written about that, if you’re interested.) The most frustrating thing that can happen while writing, for me, anyway, is… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Dealing with Interruptions”

Behind “The Process”: Vary Your Sentences (blah-blah-blah…)

Vary your sentences. Writing teachers say it a lot, but without some explanation, the advice can fall flat, so… What do they mean, “Vary your sentences”? Well, there are lots of different ways to construct sentences, right? Whether or not you have a love… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Vary Your Sentences (blah-blah-blah…)”

Behind “The Process” Quickie: The Simplest Trick to Writing Believable Characters

Wanna hear one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received for writing fiction? If you’re characters aren’t authentic, your story will be flat. The best way to write authentic characters? When presented with a difficult situation in real life, almost everyone will… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process” Quickie: The Simplest Trick to Writing Believable Characters”