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Behind “The Process”: Breaking It Up

I’m starting my first round of edits on my next book. That doesn’t mean it’s finished. Allow me to explain…

Behind “The Process”: What 1,000 Hours of Work Looks Like

I just love this thing so much…

Behind “The Process”: When It’s OK to Write “Just”

writing advice; writing tips

Hey peeps! If you don’t know me and you’re like, Who is this butthole to tell ME when to use “just” in my writing? Well friend, I’m that butt–I’m that person. My name is Chris. My book and website says Christopher on it, but… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: When It’s OK to Write “Just””

Creative Ops’ Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes

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Re-listen and see if you agree with the rankings, or use it as a starting point if you’re new to the show!

Behind “The Process”: The First 50 Pages

Finish the first fifty pages and see what you have.

Well hello, Welcome to another BTP post, a series aimed at demystifying the writing process. Today’s topic: The First Fifty If you’ve written a short story then you’re probably familiar, at least intuitively, of the beginning-middle-end sequence of storytelling. Hell, you’re probably familiar with… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: The First 50 Pages”