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a talk in the attic
A TALK IN THE ATTIC hosted by Kirk Ross

I’ve been on a few episodes of the podcast A TALK IN THE ATTIC hosted by Kirk Ross a few times now. Once getting interviewed, once, singing in the chorus of ATITAs Christmas Special(s), once having a jam session and making a song while also filming an educational documentary of how we made the song, and then the last episode I was on…the premier of our song and its music video. As married, creative guys who some might describe as under-employed, non bread winners, we call ourselves the Trophy Husbands on our collaborations. We’ve made music together in the studio, which you’ll be able to see and hear below, as well as projects from home where we sent each other files back and forth until we had a finished product. I was a fan of the podcast first and have since become a buddy of Kirk’s. He has many good episodes–some interviews, some comedy bits, all multimedia experiences because you can watch AND/OR listen to each episode. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new podcast. Here’s all my feature spots on the show (so far):

This was my first appearance on A TALK IN THE ATTIC. I reached out to Kirk because we had several of the same past guests, and happened to drop an interview with the same person in the same week. It was getting weird. So we talked about that and a lot more, because we had one of those brother-from-another-mother moments.


Alternate title: TROPHY HUSBANDSWATCH ON YOUTUBEChristopher Tallon is a writer and podcaster hailing from Grand Rapids. His novel, Switchers, is being shopped around to various publishers as he juggles fatherhood, husbandhood, and his podcast, Creative Ops, which highlights other creative people doing their things, respectively. Today's episode is a fun one, complete with a parody of Kirk & Christopher's future collaboration: Trophy Husbands. Music contributions include Dresden the Flamingo, King Flamingo, Baum, Rhythm Scott, and Keven Graham, all licensed through!CT on IGATITA LinksSupport the show

After Kirk made two appearances on my podcast, we got back together with the goal of making a song. We made the song, alright. Then Kirk directed this stunning music video with cameos by our actual wives.

"our wives got paid" – just the song A Talk in the Attic

feminism presents: "our wives got paid" by trophy husbands. *watch on youtube* . attic linksSupport the show

We documented the creative process of making a song, not knowing at all what the song was going to be going in.

the making of "our wives got paid" A Talk in the Attic

a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the soon-to-be-world-famous feminist anthem "our wives got paid" by the trophy husbands. presented by feminism. . *watch on youtube* . attic linksSupport the show

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