If ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stranger Things’ had a love child…

…but they were never really sure if the real father was Back to the Future.

Oh, context is important. Duh.

OK, so that’s part of this amaze-balls review of my debut scifi/horror novel, Switchers:

If you like book reviews, @books.rnr on Instagram, is quite a wordsmith with her reviews.

And if you like hearing what movies books remind people of, Switchers has been compared to those outlined above, but also compared to “Red Dawn but with time travel.”

What’s SWITCHERS About?

It started on the last day of school, in a…version of 1996 most of us don’t remember. Kurt and his friends Andy, Birdie, and Dylan are starting summer break by an abandoned farmhouse behind a 7-Eleven. A run in with some bullies ends the night in terror for everyone involved.

The next morning, Kurt wakes up to complete chaos in what is the beginning of a journey of both distance and time no one could have imagined. Kurt and his friends time travel, switching bodies with their adult selves in the process, learning about each other, figuring out who they can trust, and hoping they find a way home before they get stuck in a future with little hope of survival.


Switchers is available online, or you can order a signed/personalized copy from me!

Go to the Christopher Tallon Amazon Author Page for paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited copies.


Order a copy online from my website for a few bucks more than you’d pay on Amazon, and I’ll sign and write a personalized message (if you want one), then send it to you in the mail. (If you’re in the States…(contact me for pricing outside the US!))

Switchers is regularly available in a few non-bookstore type places:


As well as a few businesses in town with books out for customers to read while they visit. A few libraries in west Michigan are working with me to get them on library shelves in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. And hopefully it’ll be available in a few other interesting places in the weeks to come.

(Hey, I gotta start somewhere, man!)

And if you’re in the GR area and want to buy a copy from me live, check out my Everywhere BUT Bookstores events calendar!

If you’re still thinking about buying a copy of Switchers, but you’re not sure, watch this clip of me babbling about it on the news. See if that does anything for ya.

From FOX17 Morning Mix in Grand Rapids, MI

K. That’s it for today. Thanks for checking out the book. I hope you buy it, read it free on Kindle Unlimited, or whatever. It makes a nice gift, too.

I’m just sayin…


Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

You’ve got the rhyme and reason / But got no cause

But if you’re hot to trot / You think you’re slicker than grease

I’ve got news for you crews / You’ll be sucking like a leech

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